Getting Started

To inquire about meeting for an initial interview, please contact me by telephone (212-729-1080). If I do not answer, leave a message with your contact information and good times when I can call you and speak with you. Please specify if I can leave a message at any telephone number you provide. You may also contact me by email at

An initial session is a first meeting where we meet each other to discuss the possibility of working together. It is a 45 minute meeting and I charge the same fee for that as I do for an individual therapy session which is $150.00. Please bring all your questions and concerns as well as your goals and intentions to that meeting.

If we agree to work together after our first meeting, there will be an assessment period in order to begin the process of understanding your current situation, feelings and behaviors. We will then decide on a path forward into change and, if indicated, begin psychotherapy.

During the therapy process, it is important for us to periodically check in and ensure we are working in a productive and positive way that meets your goals and desires. Good communication, taking action steps and deep honesty on your part about both the positive and negative experiences of working together will be very important parts of this process.