Thank you for your interest in my clinical practice. I created this site to help you learn more about me and the professional services I offer, but please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

I am a licensed psychologist in private practice in New York City, providing psychotherapy, consultation and assessment. I work with individuals, couples, and families experiencing a diverse array of disorders and difficulties. I specialize in the following issues:

  • depression and anxiety
  • relationship issues
  • post-traumatic stress, trauma, and healing from abuse
  • substance abuse and addictions
  • schizophrenia and psychotic disorders
  • anger management
  • domestic violence

My goal as a psychologist is to help you feel better, quickly, applying proven therapeutic methods, in a warm, and caring atmosphere. I am solution oriented so you will not spend years in therapy. Most patients are in treatment for a few months. At the same time, I work to produce long-term, sustainable change in my patients.

My thoughts on therapy

The Olive Trees - Vincent van Gogh - 1889 I view therapy as a collaborative process between client and therapist. I help my clients progress toward their goals in a supportive and affirming environment. Just as each person's needs, experiences, and strengths are unique, I tailor my services to each individual and help him or her uncover past and present factors that may be impacting current functioning. I help my patients feel better and achieve positive change and growth.

Blog and Videos

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